about me

my earlier training as an architectural draftswoman demands most of all precision and a great deal of detailed work.
today this practice has a great influence on the style of my paintings and my way of working.

my motifs show a special fondness for purist, minimalist design. I like to work with reductions right up to symbolism. clear simple forms which despite their apparent simplicity can communicate extensive contents are what is fueling my imagination.
it are situations of everyday life that inspire my motifs - it is their humorous or often ironic side which I want to highlight in my pictures.
one of the main items in my paintings is love in all it's facets and varieties.
the heart as a symbol of love and the elephant (SaSchi-FANT) as a symbol of luck are the most striking features in my paintings.

my artworks can be ordered as a canvas print or framed art prints directly from my online gallery.


I also accept individual contract work !

a member of grafiker.de and VG Bild-Kunst (copyright/ creator-number: 172 11 89)

artistic career

since 2007 :: working as a freelance graphic designer and artist

2009 :: study of modeling and different traditional painting techniques at the studio "Bossard"

2007 ::  a range of qualification measures in the specialist field of digital- and print media and marketing

2005-2006 :: in-service training in the field of graphic, layout and image processing, as well as typography and desktop-publishing

2004-2006 :: employed in an advertising agency

1988-1997 :: planner / interior designer in office, property and exhibition planning - operational area: throughout Germany and european countries


education in life drawing and painting and free figuration

education in modeling skulptures with Paul Thévenet-Kochka

1985-1988 :: school for graphics/ communications design hamburg

1982-1985 :: training as the architectural draftswoman - first paintings and drawings

1965 :: born in a small town near hamburg, germany